Thursday, 20 November 2008


We regret to announce that the boutique Liborius has closed due to financial difficulties.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The cutting table

 The cutting table from Sruli Recht and associates is now back in the studio due to numerable concerns regarding export cost and size. They have successfully redesigned it so it could be sent with less  shipping cost. We are very glad to hear it and many of you probably too.
More information will follow shortly.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Sruli Recht, FormFast and Liborius present the first in a series - for the year 2008

The SR109 Cutting table (1500mm x 1200mm x 930mm)

This is an affordable cardboard table made by Sruli Recht. It is perfect for designers and students alike. 

It comes with 3 collapsable drawers, jute strap moving/storing box, laminated white surface top and all replaceable parts. This 100% Icelandic made product is available in Liborius. It will be proudly presented next thursday at the boutique. For further inquiries contact the store through electronic mail. 


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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Of the north, 2001 - 16.05.2008

Artist: Steina
Curator: Halldór Björn Runólfsson
National Gallery of Iceland

It felt like witnessing the five elements coming to life in a quiet and chaotic wormhole.

We loved it.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Newsletter n°1

Liborius † Laugavegur 7 † 101 Reykjavik 
† Iceland


Ann Demeulemeester – Spring/Summer 2008

The spring 2008 collection from Ann Demeulemeester has just arrived in Liborius.The Queen sets the standards with her immaculate quality, sense of grace, movement and impeccable over-all silhouettes. The jewelry is extra-ordinary minimal punk anti-blingbling. We chose the black diamonds running free in a transparent locket. 
Only fifteen were made for this year.

Vor- og sumarlína Ann Demeulemeester er nýkomin í Liborius. Drottningin leggur línurnar með hágæðahönnun sinni, tilfi
nningu fyrir þokka og flæðandi, fullkomnu heildarútliti. Skartgripirnir eru ofureinfaldir, anti-pönk-blíng. Við féllum fyrir svörtu demöntunum sem flæða lausir um gagnsætt menið; aðeins fimmtán slík voru framleidd. Sjón er sögu ríkari!

Top Secret:

Maison Martin Margiela – Autumn/Winter 2008-9

This fall, exclusively for our small Icelandic lava rock and only in Liborius, Maison Martin Margiela n°1 - n°4. Expect evening dresses, tuxedos and super-hero sunglasses.

Í haust býður Liborius upp á Maison Martin Margiela n°1-n°4. Þetta er löngu tímabært! Dásamlegir kvöldkjólar, 
smókingföt og ofurhetju-sólgleraugu. Settu þig í stellingar og reiknaðu með kjaftshöggi 

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In the beginning

In light of recent additions to our floor space, I thought it would suit to add another personal touch to the environment in the form of this news-feed.

It is my intention within these pages to express my thoughts and responses to the products that I collect for the store. I love these things in a way that can only be described as man's modern complexity.

This site also serves to allow the commerce of trade of some of the items in the store with International clientele.

may you enjoy it as much as I do.

Johann Meunier

"Product design in the modern day is taking the role of Social Commentary once found in art. It aims to describe the relationship between man and his environment, the event horizon of need function and desire. Product design is very personal, it is an insight into the lives of people - solid trace elements of purchase, purpose and action... reproduced for man's unique compulsions, obsessions and identity." -sr